Reduce operational costs

The secret is out, shrink sleeves not only improve the look and feel of products presenting them with a premium finish that differentiates them on the shelves, they are also central to rationalising packaging stock, reducing storage space and drastically reducing operating costs.
The challenge:
Improve shelf appeal, rationalise container inventory, free up warehousing space and reduce costs. 
The solution:
Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury Shrink Sleeves create shrink sleeves that can be used on generic bottles, aerosol cans and other containers.
The result:
Many of our Shrink Sleeves customers have turned to shrink sleeves as an alternative way of decorating their product in order to meet many business goals in one go. Shrink sleeves provide improvements in print quality over direct printed containers and allow for generic containers to be used. This not only saves warehouse space and reduces operating costs, but also assists greatly in obsolescence control.  Sleeves can be printed in smaller quantities and take up a fraction of the space of printed containers.  Clients that have taken advantage of this solution have included Holt Lloyd, Bottlegreen and Contract Bottling.
What the customer said:
“Working in partnership with Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury has been excellent and we are delighted with the quality of the finished product.  We have become a real advocate of shrink sleeves over recent years and are seeing the many benefits that they offer come to fruition.” Peter Los, Holt Lloyd
Shrink sleeves offer benefits that really cannot be ignored, especially for brands that are looking to reduce overall product cost.  The real positive of shrink sleeves is that reduced costs can be achieved whilst actually improving shelf appeal for many brands.
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