The benefits of tamper evident shrink sleeves

The benefits of tamper-evident shrink sleeves.

Product tampering is an issue faced by both manufacturers and retailers and one that can lead to serious consequences.

Tamper evident shrink sleeves and labels allow you to cost-effectively secure your product. They provide a tight seal over the closure of a bottle or container,  helping protect your customers, your brand and your reputation.  Many of our customers in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors rely on tamper evident sleeves to protect the integrity of their products.

Because shrink sleeves and shrink labels fit tightly to any pack, they are an ideal method to ensure products are protected providing reassurance to you and your customers. The incorporation of a perforated tear strip makes the sleeve easy to remove but virtually impossible to replace. Once the security seal is broken it can't be put back together so you know if your product has been damaged or interfered with in any way.  As Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury is PS9000 accredited our sleeves can be produced for the pharmaceutical sector.
Here are just some of the benefits our tamper-evident shrink sleeves can bring:
Prevent malicious poisoning 
Prevent product tampering and grazing
Low cost plain sleeve print option available
Protect brand identity with holographic strip technology
And as with all our shrink sleeves they're durable, suitable for use with metal, glass or plastic, can be colour matched to any pantone colour and offer a 360 degree print area for branding and additional information.


Martin Hardman, Sales and Marketing Director

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