Looking glass shrink sleeve

shrink sleeve

More Drinks needed to find a way of creating a label that enabled their new line of vitamin drinks to stand out from the crowd, allowed the product to be visible, whilst still including modern branding and a fun element to their packaging.


The challenge:

Provide adequate space for branding whilst having a large transparent area highlighting the ‘clear, natural’ contents of the beverage.


The solution:

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury Shrink Sleeves, along with Ti Studio (design concepts) worked to create the highly unique shrink sleeve as a label alternative, that utilised our MPS press, and enabled printing on both sides of the 50 micron PVC material. 


The result:

An eye-catching shrink sleeve in a highly competitive drinks market that captures ‘More Drinks’ innovative approach to the supplement drink market and highlights our ability to meet all of the brief requirements in a timely and cost effective manner. The Looking Glass Sleeve has been designed to take advantage of the magnifying properties of the liquid contents of the productwhilst still providing all the desired space for logo, branding and nutritional information.

What the customer said:

Chris Arrigoni , director and co-founder of More Drinks said: “We wanted to show off the contents of our package and using a sleeve was the best option. Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury were able to turn it into a reality that we are delighted with. The look of the finished product gave us great confidence for our product launch in Tesco at the end of June. 


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