What makes a great shrink sleeve
What makes a great shrink sleeve

Producing a shrink sleeve for your product requires a number of key contributing factors.

Shrink sleeves are perfect for beverage packaging, food packaging, home and personal care packaging as well as certain industrial products.  In fact shrink sleeves are a great packaging option for most products that are packaged in containers such as bottles or pots.
Bringing together all of the elements requires careful thought.  In some cases a customer can simply move from a traditional self adhesive label to a shrink sleeve without the need to change the container type.   This is made possible by the properties of shrink sleeves and the ability to fit containers of all shapes and sizes with ease. 
In cases such as this we will work closely with your packaging designer to guide them through the process, making sure that they take advantage of the properties of a shrink sleeve.  This often means a shift in the design process to ensure that all of the space on a sleeve is utilised effectively.  One of the reasons you are likely to be reading this is that you are looking to improve the shelf appeal of your product.  Shrink sleeves can certainly help you achieve this goal via the ability to decorate the full 360 degrees of your product. 
When starting a new packaging project a shrink sleeve opens up many other possibilities in terms of the type of container that can be used meaning that you really have a blank canvas.  This means that your packaging designer is able to be as creative as they like when considering the overall package.
With products needing to compete more and more for prime retail space on the supermarket shelves, the need to develop more eye-catching, innovative packaging approaches is greater than ever.  Consumers can’t ignore a dramatically differentiated product with enhanced shelf presence—regardless of brand.
We constantly explore opportunities to build on our already broad portfolio of shrink sleeves and work with customers to push the boundaries of print capability in order to ensure customers stand out in the retail environment.  One thing we are working on is the integration of other packaging solutions into shrink sleeves to aid with promotions and coupons.  This is an area we are keen to talk to people about so get in touch to discuss your ideas!
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