Shrink sleeves, more than just a label
Shrink sleeves, more than just a label
Research suggests that consumers are influenced by what a product looks like on the shelf.  So, even when they go into a store to buy a specific brand they are still influenced by an attractive product with a uniquely shaped bottle or brightly coloured label. It's difficult for the consumer to ignore a dramatically differentiated product with enhanced shelf presence—regardless of brand. With brands having to compete more and more for space on the supermarket shelves, the need to create more eye-catching, innovative packaging is greater than ever.
Improvements in printed shrink sleeve technology in the last decade means they offer an aesthetically pleasing and cost efficient packaging alternative to labels. Printed shrink sleeves maximise the print area which wraps around the entire container giving greater design flexibility. It also allows maximum space for promotion and branding.
Another advantage of a shrink sleeve is the range of packaging solutions that they offer. With a self adhesive label you have limitations, but a shrink sleeve can wrap around any shaped container, be used for multi packs and on-pack promotions, offer a variety of print options and technologies such as tamper evidence.
And new innovations are happening all the time. At Clonalkin Group Bury, innovations in shrink sleeves are often driven by the specific needs of our customers.  For example, earlier this year we produced a  'looking glass shrink sleeve' for a customer who wanted to take advantage of the magnifying properties of the contents of their bottle. We've also developed  a 'pocket shrink sleeve' for a customer who needed to include instructions in multiple languages  without impacting upon the size or design. Another major innovation has been the development of  the Braille shrink sleeves in response to new European pharmaceutical legislation.
So if you're looking for a packaging solution that deliver a strong brand presence, high-impact, functionality, print flexibility and innovative solutions shrink sleeves may be the answer.
Martin Hardman, Sales and Marketing Director
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